Office Relocation Services

Red Fig Installations provides product installation, dis-assembly, and re-assembly of cubicles, desk and table systems, filing systems and private offices. In addition, Red Fig Installations and it’s service team has a fleet of vehicles capable of relocating entire businesses and their employees. Our installers are experts with a wide range of systems and will help you utilize them for maximum performance. Our professional installation staff understands customer satisfaction and what it takes to develop a satisfied and loyal customer.

Our reputation for providing the best in business moves and employee relocation, cubicle and office installation and re-configuration can also be attributed to our proven processes. It is our goal to provide our customers with a smooth and efficient process from beginning to end that result in “no surprises”.

Our reputation for providing the best in product and complete business office moving services can  be attributed to experienced professionals as well as our proven processes. Our professionals will work with you to guarantee that your moving experience exceeds your expectations.


Every office move is different. But with Red Fig they all begin the same – with careful planning – and end the same – with satisfied customers. A new workplace can invigorate your organization, improve morale and increase productivity. But, a poorly planned relocation is disastrous to work flow. Our team is dedicated to the specific goal of getting businesses back up and running. From overseeing the move plan, to move day logistics, we take care of everything so you can focus on running your business. The team will guide your relocation through a proven set of processes, which is custom designed to meet your unique needs, paying strict attention to all the details.
THE PROCESS: Planning is a critical component of successful relocation. Our team will identify key employees and vendors, and includes them in the planning stage as appropriate. Together, we create a detailed plan, outlining roles and responsibilities. Fragile items, and critical work items, are identified early on, such as computers, printers, phones, and office equipment, and these items are given priority to minimizing downtime.

COMMUNICATION: Several days prior to the move, employees receive relocation packets. Each packet contains information about the move, new location plans, box labels, and instructions on how to pack, and what to pack. Should questions arise, we include “who to call” lists and make ourselves available via phone or email. Throughout the move, we’re on-site, ready to answer questions and execute the plan. Moves can be phased, or done outside normal business hours, overnight or on weekends. We ensure building administrators are notified, all contents are “move-ready”, and that teams are standing by for “tear-down” and “re-install”. The first day employees occupy their new home, a team of Project Leads and Installers work on-site to take care of any desired last minute and impromptu adjustments, and troubleshoot any minor issues that arise. With careful planning, the team, and the right strategy, will ensure your move is a success for everyone. You and your employees can enjoy your new facility, and move your company forward and more efficiently than ever.

Planning and Packing

Our project manager will work with you hand in hand to ensure your move is properly planned, packed, labelled and ready to go!

Workstation Dismantling

The “tear down” phase. Our team of technicians will dismantle exisiting workstation configurations, packed and wrapped up and ready for transport to the new office.


With our fleet of trucks, we can have you in your new premises in no time.

Workstation Re installation

We can reinstall your existing workstations or install your new workstations on the other side.

Rubbish Removal

Our rubbish truck is on standby to take all unwanted items such as old workstations, files, kitchenware etc to the tip. No point in taking unwanted baggage to the brand new premises.